Best Philips Air fryers and comparison

best Philips air fryer

Looking to pick up a Philips Airfryer but not sure what are the differences between the models?

In this article we are going to look at them and see what are the differences and hopefully it will help you decide which one is for you.

The Philips Viva Collection Aifryer HD9220

This is the first air multi cooker in the lineup. It looks and it is very simple to operate, featuring only two adjustment knobs, temperature and timer.

So, let’s get into the details.

Design and exterior

philips viva hd922026 air fryer review

The air fryer has a slick design so It won’t break the esthetic of a beautifully designed kitchen. It also comes in black or white to help with that.

In terms of size the device is 11.2 x 12.4 x 15.1 in and weighs 15.4 lb.

On the front you have the controls and a handle to pull out the cooking pan, this means that you can’t hand the device behind anything because you need the front clean in order to operate the air fryer.

On the back there is not much going on but there is an exhaust that needs to be clear. Also, on the back, there is the power cord sticking out but the cord itself is hidden in a compartment on the bottom of the device.

Also on the bottom of the device there are non-slip feet to make sure that the device doesn’t slide around your countertop.


Philips air fryer controls

The temperature on this device can be adjusted from 176 °F to 390 °F (80-200 °C). The device uses 1425 W of power to help get to those temperatures and cook the food.

The timer adjustment goes from 0 to 30 minutes and also serves as a power switch. To start the machine, you must set the timer. When the time is up, the machine shuts down and gives you a sound signal to let you know it’s done.

The cooking pan

philips air fryer basket

Below the controls you find the cooking pan, or the food drawer as I like to call it. This pan is coated with a non-slip coating to make cleaning easier. It also has a star like shape on the bottom and that serves to guide the hot air around the food.

Inside the pad there is a basket, and this will hold your food, letting air pass through and also letting fats that come out of the food collect in the pan.

The basket detaches from the pan allowing you to get the food out without the fats that drain in the pan. That, and this also makes things easy to manipulate and clean.

The drawer and the basket are machine washable if you have such device. If you wash them by hand that is quite easy as they are quite small in size and easy to handle.

Another thing to mention is the cooking capacity. This basket holds up to 28oz of food and in simple English that is suitable to cook for one or two people in a go. If you want to cook for more people you will have to do it in batches or get a larger device.


We can’t talk about a cooking appliance without talking about the actual cooking.

The device is basically a more focused convection oven. If you think about what you can cook in such oven that is what you can cook in an air fryer. In short you can fry, bake, grill and roast.

Of course you need to adjust your cooking technique based on what end result you are looking for.

You can fry fresh things like potato chips or chicken with a bit of oil sprayed on them. The oil, combined with the hot air blown on the surface of the food can nicely recreate the crunchy crust you get from regular frying but without so much oil.

If you are cooking frozen food, there is no need for you to add oil because the frozen foods already have a bit of oil in them.

Also, because the way these devices are designed, the fat from foods drips in the bottom of the pan, away from the food. So, most of the oil that you spray on the food or the oil that is already in the food will eventually get on the bottom of the pan and not in your food.

That is why air fryers are being presented by manufactures as healthier alternatives to regular frying, among other things.

Now that we know about the HD9220 let’s look the other devices. I will not describe them in the same manner because they are in essence the same concept and same overall design.

I will try to just point out the differences between the air fryers.

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The Philips Viva Collection Digital Airfryer HD9230

philips viva hd9230 air fryer

The Digital Airfryer is a more sophisticated brother to the previous air fryer we looked at, the HD9220. Overall it’s not a major leap from the HD9220 but it brings a couple of new features and a bigger price.

So, is it worth it? Let’s find out.

Design and exterior

The Digital Airfryer looks about the same as it’s brother but this time we don’t have rotating knobs but a digital display and digital controls.

The dimension and weight are the same with the previous device.


Like mentioned above, we don’t have the same knobs on this device. They are replaced by a digital display / control panel.

The time around, the timer goes up to 60 minutes but other than that there is not much in terms of features. It has a separate power button if that counts.

The cooking pan

Again, nothing new in terms of the pan itself. They do however include a double layer rack with this device that allows you to cook in multiple layers.

There is no point in also going over the cooking since it cooks the same as the other air fryer. You do however have more room to play from the 60-minute timer and the included rack accessory but there is not much to say over the previous model.

To summarize:

  • same sizes
  • digital control panel instead of the analog knobs
  • 60-minute timer instead of 30 minute on the previous model
  • included double layer rack that is quite expensive by itself for what it is
  • accessories from the HD9220 also work with this model and vice versa

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The Philips Avance Collection Airfryer XL HD9240

philips avance hd9240 XL air fryer

The Avance is the big brother. It’s a larger device but as you might imagine not very different from its smaller relatives. It still works by the same principles and looks very similar but it does bring noteworthy differences to the table.

Design and exterior

Like I mentioned above, for the most part the device looks similar to the HD9230 featuring a control panel very much like the one on the HD9230, at least at a first glance. We’ll get to that, in detail, in a bit.

The first obvious difference, just by looking at the device, is the size. It’s bigger but not by a whole lot, the dimensions being 12.4 x 11.8 x 16.6 in (315 x 302 x 423 mm). Surprisingly, it also weighs the same as previous models, at least according to the documentation, I haven’t weighted any of them myself.

This is to accommodate the larger food drawer. Speaking of which, you will notice that this time the handle is more solidly built because it has to hold a bit more weight.

The back of the device has some changes to it, probably due to increased capacity but nothing spectacular there.


I mentioned that this device has a very similar looking control panel. For the most part it is the same touchscreen thingy but it has a few new tricks.

This time you get separate, dedicated controls for temperature and timer. With the other one the controls where the same and you toggled between timer or temperature. Not a dramatic difference, it just saves you a click to switch between the two.

The actually new feature is the favorites button that allows you to save a mix of temperature and time unfortunately it’s limited to only one pair of temperature-time.

It has its merit because a lot of people have a preferred snack that they then to cook very often and this button saves you the time to set the device every time.

The cooking pan

Here is where this device shines with a couple of features that, surprisingly, are mostly not even mentioned in advertisements, or at least in the ones that I’ve seen.

Thanks to Amazon user J. Pappan for this image Thanks to amazon user J. Pappan for this image

The first thing is that the basket is much larger and the cooking capacity is now 42.4 oz compared to the 28oz of the previous devices. So, more space to cook maybe for 3 or 4 people at a time.

The best part however, is hidden beneath the cooking pan. This device now has a rail that extends when you pull out the pan, very much like a clothing drawer. This means that you don’t have to worry about putting the hot pan on your countertop.


There is a bit to say about cooking too. With the HD9240 Philips increased not only the basket but also the heart of the machine which now uses 1800W of power.

With that increase in power also came a decrease in cooking time. This device is a bit faster to cook than previous models but I’m not going into by how much because that also depends on what you cook. On some foods you’ll notice the difference while with others there is no difference.

To summarize:

  • slightly larger in exterior size
  • similar touchscreen panel to the HD9230 but with added favorites button and slightly easier to use than the HD9230
  • bigger cooking capacity of 42.4oz compared to the 28oz of the other devices
  • rail system that holds the drawer when pulled outside the device
  • more power, 1800W compared to the 1425W
  • generally faster cooking but that varies depending on what you are cooking.

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In conclusion

I hope you found the answers that you were looking for from this Philips air fryer battle. I think that each device has it’s place and it will be appealing to someone.

So, that was about it. I think that now you can be more confident in your decision and you will get the right device for you.

If you want to check out some other devices be sure to check out our picks for best air fryers in another article.

PS: I’ve made an infographic to make it easier to see the differences between devices.

philips air fryers infographic

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