What is the best air fryer in 2017? I think I found it!

best air fryers comparison

They are growing rapidly in popularity and it’s pretty hard to put your finger on the best air fryer when there are hundreds of them.

Air fryers are popular probably because they propose a simple way of cooking healthy without much hassle. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and in this guide we are going to take a look at some of them and what makes them special.

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How does an air fryer work?

Air fryers are little ovens that use hot air to cook. Typically, there is a food compartment on the bottom of the device and a heating element over that and they also use fans to circulate that hot air around the food, much like traditional convection ovens.

This allows the devices to roast, grill, bake, fry or simply to heat up your already cooked food. They are quite versatile in terms of what you can do with them and they can fry with very little oil.

Many people use them as healthier and less messy alternatives to classic oil fryers.

Most of the devices are pretty small in size and they only require power which makes them quite portable. If you want a cooking appliance that is versatile and portable these devices are good options.

Like mentioned earlier these devices can put out French fries, chicken wings, chicken nuggets, etc without very oil. Many people get them because they can cook stuff that kids generally love but without going to the fast food or frying in tons of oil.

In terms of size and how much you can cook in one go, there are smaller devices for one or two people as well as devices that can cook for a whole family of four without trouble.
Let’s take a look at some of the best air fryers, and hopefully you will be able to find the one to fit your specific needs.


gowise usa gw22621 air fryer

This cooker is a very good middle ground on price for quality. It’s pretty much like most fryers of this form factor but it also has a few nice features.

I also have a more in depth review of the GoWISE GW22621 and his bigger brother the GoWISE GW22631 XL but I’ll do my best to summarize the key features here as well.

As you can notice from the picture it has a digital control panel which some people might like some might not. The nice thing about it is that it also has seven presets for you to choose from.
It saves you some clicking on the temperature and timer.

Of course, you can manually set it to your desired temperature and time.

The temperature on this devices ban be adjusted from 175°F to 400°F which is a bit wider that other air fryer, giving you more control.

The timer goes only to 30 minutes and it automatically stops the machine when the time is up. This way it prevents over cooking or burning your food. This means that in some situations it’s also a set and forget machine.

It also has a guard that prevents accidental detachment of the basket inside the drawer.

In terms of size it’s perfect for one or two people. If you need to cook for more people you would need to cook in multiple batches. If you like the device but what a bigger capacity, check out it’s bigger brother the GoWISE USA GW22631.

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Philips Viva HD9220/26 Airfryer

philips hd922026 airfryer

This is a great device for older people especially considering that they need to be mindful with their fat intake. The Philips Viva HD9220/26 is an air fryer without special bells and whistles, it just does its job.

The controls are easy to understand and operate and for grandparents that usually dislike technology and digital stuff this device will be more appealing for them.

It operates like the above mentioned air fryer, it has a drawer with a basket and two controls temperature and time.

The temperature goes un to 390°F and the timer up to 30 minutes. When the time runs the device shuts down to prevent over cooking.

Cleaning is easy and the food drawer and basket are machine washable. Otherwise they are small and easy to handle in a typical kitchen sink.

There are other similar devices with analog controls but I would stick to Philips because of the quality. They are built like they mean to and I’m pretty sure they will last longer. With other devices people usually complain that their device broke after a couple of months.

They are pricier than other devices but it’s quality that you are paying for.

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Philips HD9240/94 Airfryer Avance XL

philips avance xl airfryer

Yes, another Philips and quite an expensive one. They do however come with quality attached to them and for the most part they don’t break after a few uses.

This model can hold more food compared to the smaller ones which makes it suitable for 3 to 4 people. It also cooks a bit faster than the smaller models.

The killer feature of this model is that the drawer goes out on a tray so you can leave in on the device while you pull out just the basket and you don’t have to worry about placing the hot base on something heat resistant.

The temperature goes up 390°F on this device and the times goes up to 60 minutes. Like with other air fryers when the time is up the device shuts down to prevent over cooking.

The device also allows you to set a preset of your chosen temperature and time but unfortunately there is only one preset. I would have like to be able to set more presets.

The addition the arm that holds the pan makes it a bit more difficult to clean inside compared to the other devices but not to the point where you would call it “difficult”.

Overall a great device, granted, a bit expensive. If you only cook for one or two people get one of the smaller devices like the HD9230/26.

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De’Longhi FH1163 MultiFry

de'longh fh1163 multifry air fryer

The De’Longhi is similar in principle to the fryers above but as you notice it proposes a different kind of device. A very simplistic device but a lot of people enjoy it, and for good reason.

The feature that makes this device stand out is that it uses a paddle to stir the food while it’s cooking. With other devices you might have to do that manually every once in a while, depending on what you are cooking.

The paddle can also be removed without leaving an opened whole in the pan and with the paddle out of the way you can make pizzas or pies if you so desire.

Another nice thing about the MultiFry is that you can see inside without opening it a feature that is definitely helpful when you are just learning the device and how it acts and when coking something new. You might over estimate or under estimate the times and temperatures so being able to easily check on things is definitely nice.

The capacity of the device is also quite large being able to cook for 4 or even more people at a time.

What I don’t like about the device is that is has 4 power levels but you don’t know what that means. Also, it has a timer that makes a sound when done but it doesn’t stop the machine.

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NuWave 20632 Pro Plus

nuwave pro plus

The NuWave is a different device that follows more in the design of halogen fryers but it doesn’t use halogen. It’s an air fryer that also uses infrared waves to heat the food.

The nice thing about it is the size. You can cook a whole chicken or turkey in there with no problems. You get an extender ring to help with that.

The dome is some sort of plastic so it’s much lighter than those you see with halogen ovens making it easier to handle. It’s not as easy to handle as the smaller air fryers that we talked about earlier but not as bad as halogen fryers.

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In conclusion – what is the best air fryer?

These where a couple of options that I like, some are more suited for some people some are for others. It all depends on what you are looking for.

For me the Philips HD9220/26 would be the go to machine for fast day do day use. I used to use a microwave oven a lot to warm up foods but with the air fryer I can also cook pretty fast and the size is also ok for me.

You might want to cook for more than two people, I don’t know.

For now I’m going to call the Philips HD9220/26 the best air fryer for it’s ease of use even if it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of other fryers. It’s also a good quality device that will last quite a while if you take good care of it and the price is not very high.

I hope that this article helped you make the right decision and I hope you enjoy your new device and the healthier meals and snacks that you are going to prepare with it.