GoWISE USA GW22621 and GW22631 XL review

gowise usa air fryer review

Air fryers are rapidly growing in popularity as an alternative for the deep fat fryer. As the technology evolves we have products like the ones above that reached 4th generation and bring some improvements over the older models.

We are going to look at two GoWISE air fryers in this review just because they are very much similar to one another and you can just pick up the one you think fits you better.

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The main selling point of air fryers in general is that they use hot air to cook instead of a hot oil bath. This makes frying healthier and lot less messy than with traditional fryers or pan frying.

You still want to add a little oil if you want to get that crunchy outside typical of deep fryers but in no way close to what you would use in an immersion fryer.

I included these devices in my list of best air fryers for 2017. Make sure you check that out to see how it fares against other fryers.

What can these air fryers do?

We’ll start with what both of these machines can do an we’ll later go over the differences. They are very much similar but there are a couple of differences as well.

Both devices use the same principles of air frying, you have a closed endowment inside the fryer which helps keep your kitchen clean.

You have a drawer that you place the food in then insert the drawer into the machine for cooking. Over the basket there is a heating element and a fan that heat the air inside and circulate that air around the food.

Even though these devices are labeled as fryers they can do more than that. Think of them rather as mini ovens that can fry. They can also grill, roast and bake depending on how you set them up.

Of course, you can also use them to heat up previously cooked food.

Depending on what you want to do with them you can also set them and forget them. They are equipped with a timer that you set and when the time is over the machine stops and gives you a sound signal to let you know they are done.

This way you prevent over cooking or just forgetting about the appliance going on forever until you remember about it. You probably really have to try your best to set your house on fire with devices like these.

Can they cook?

You will not become Gordon Ramsay all of a sudden but you don’t have to be an experienced cooker to get some nice meals done with an air fryer. There is a variety of recipes online and you can also get a recipe book alongside your machine.

gowise gw22621 basket

If you do get a recipe book, ideally you want to get a recipe book specifically for your device as sometimes the times vary from device to device and if you follow the recipes to the minute you might get some different results.

With time and experience with the device you can overcome those differences but if you are just beginning to use air fryers ideally stick to recipes for your device and check on your food often to see how its cooking.

I guess you can figure out, yes, they can cook. From the usual French fries and crispy chicken wings to pizza to all sorts of deserts. There is quite a variety in the things you can cook with these machines.

The food that comes out is tasty however don’t expect to get the same taste that you would get from a deep fat fryer. Some people complain that French fries don’t have the exact same taste, which is to be expected considering that you don’t fry in an oil bath.

The most important thing going in and buying the machine is to know what to expect from it. And all I have to say is: don’t expect an oil bath fryer. If you want fries drowned in oil get and oil bath fryer.

If you want to fry without heaps of oil this is a good machine that will do that among other things.

Setting and forgetting?!

Like I said earlier, depending on what and how you cook sometimes you can just set and forget.

If you bake something, for instance, then once the machine starts you can just walk away, mind your other stuff and when the machine is done it will stop itself and it will “beep” you to tell you “hey, I’m done!”

More or less you can do the same with other things as well but if you are doing French fries you might want to shake them around at least once to get them properly fried. Same with chicken wings, at the middle of the cooking process you want to turn them around to get them evenly on both sides.

Even though the way these machines operate makes hot air circulate very well inside the machine you will notice in most cases that the top part cooks more prominently and that is why you want to shake or turn things around for even cooking.

But then again, in 15-minute cooking time you really only turn things around about half-way through so you don’t need to just sit there 7 minutes doing nothing.

gowise airfryer touch screen

To set them up you notice from the pictures that you have a touchscreen on the front on the machine that might look intimidating at first. At least from the picture.

Actual buttons are only on the lower half. You have temperature controls on the left, timer controls on the right and in the middle there is a power (start) button and a menu button that lets you select one of 7 presets (the ones you see on the top half – they are not lit all the time like in the picture, btw).

The temperature on these go from 175F to 400F and the timer goes up to 30 minutes, which should be enough to cover most things you usually do with air fryers.

You can select a preset and then adjust your temp and timer manually if you so desire. Press start. Wait. Done.

Cleaning the GoWISE air fryers

Another good selling point of air fryers in general is that they are super easy to clean. All you have to do is get the pan out, get the basket out of the pan wash them manually or in the dishwasher and done.


The pan and grill are also covered in a non-stick coating which makes things easy.

By the way, I see people complaining that the coating didn’t have a long file. Pro tip, don’t use metal cutlery inside them as much as possible because you will chip it off. Or at least be careful with it.

I prefer using plastic or wood cutlery when dealing with coated pans and pots and the same with air fryers. I suggest you do the same if you want your non sticky coating to last.

Every once in a while, you might want to check and clean the inside of the machine and the heating element. Make sure the machine has cooled before any of this and just use a damp cloth or a brush for the heating element.

GoWISE GW22621 vs the GoWISE GW22631 XL

The most important difference between these devices is that they have different sizes. While the smaller one has a capacity of 3.7QT the XL has a capacity 5.8 QT. Yeah, for me that says nothing.

So, in English, the smaller device is good for one or two people while the other is better suited for three or four people.

However, the XL also has a more powerful “engine” of 1800 W while the smaller requires 1500 W.

And that pretty much concludes the differences.

In conclusion

To summarize the pros:

  • you can fry with very little oil or no oil at all making the devices healthier alternatives to deep fat fryers
  • no splatter or mess around the kitchen because the cooking happens inside the machines. You can still make a mess out of your kitchen before getting to the frying part if you enjoy that
  • easy to clean. The food drawer and basket are machine washable otherwise easy to clean in the sink. The nonslip coating also helps in this regard.
  • affordable. Compared to the Philips machines previously reviewed this time I can’t complain about the price. Both the small and the XL version are quite affordable.
  • portable. If you need a portable cooking device these are good candidates that provide good versatility in terms of what you can cook with them

The cons:

None, really. The devices work as advertised so there is no real complaint. Sure there are things like the display and controls that could have been made better maybe but that is just nitpicking, really.

Other things to consider:

They don’t use an oil bath to fry so if you are looking for oil bath taste you will not find that here. Realistically, if you want oil bath taste you will only be going to get it from an oil bath no matter how you look at it.

Are they worth the purchase?

Yes, definitely. If you are looking for easy, healthy cooking with minimal mess these devices are worth a shot.

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